MDF Oval Shape


MDF Oval Shape


MDF Oval Shape 6×10 inches Pack of 10 for Painting, Home Decorations, Decoupage Art, Resin Art, Madhubani Painting, Lippan Art, and Craft.
Material Engineered Wood
Brand Boardvala
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6 x 10 x .8  Centimeters
Shape Oval
Number of Pieces 10

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We are providing you Oval shape cutouts for pichwai painting
These are premarked cutouts so that you can directly paint them without drawing and tracing.
These are laser cut, very strong MDF cutouts with smooth finish. Holes are done at these cutouts so that you can hang them if you want.
Unfinished Wooden Shape Oval MDF
Natural Wood Fiber Art Panels Craft Boards for Painting, Pouring, Resin, Engraving, Collage, Crafting, Encaustic, Printing, Photo Transfer, Mod Podge, Mixed Media and More
Flat, Solid Core, Durable, Long Lasting, Stiff, Finishes Easily. No Sharp Edges. No Splinters. No Grain. Won’t Crack or Bend.
Your Creativity—DIY Signs, Centerpieces, Wall Art, Wooden Plaques, Home Decorations, Trays, Accents, Weddings, Gifts, Artistic Projects, Rustic Pieces, Party


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